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Lingerie community for all who loves women's sexy lingerie. We like to wear silky slips, satin panties, garter belts and nylons. We share sexy lingerie photos and videos. If lingerie fetish is your one of favourite subjects join us ;)
We have Women in Lingerie community for fans of women in sexy lingerie , Men In Lingerie Community for fetish of mens wearing lingerie, Shemale In Lingerie community for whose who love watching shemale wearaing sexy lingerie and more lingerie communites.

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Welcome to the Club of women's sexy lingerie fans. We like to wear silky slips, satin panties, garter belts and vintage nylons or glamour stockings. We share lingerie photos, videos and stories here. Join us!

Adventures in Nylon the Beggining 1

Adventures in Nylon the Beginning 1

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No self-control?

Hi everyone!

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Nylon Erotic paid video

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An Early Experience


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Déjà vu... an unexpected weekend

The Truth

We had been going out for about a year. Then one evening while kissing and caressing on the living room floor Helen suddenly produced a pair of her stockings. She didn't own many pairs, I know because I'd already been through her lingerie draws. She smiled down at me and pulled off my trousers as I lay on the carpet. Biting her bottom lip seductively she began to gather a stocking and slipped it on my leg. My heart was racing. Id had a fetish for lingerie since puberty. I was fascinated with silky lingerie and soft feminine fabrics.

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