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Lingerie community for all who loves women's sexy lingerie. We like to wear silky slips, satin panties, garter belts and nylons. We share sexy lingerie photos and videos. If lingerie fetish is your one of favourite subjects join us ;)
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Welcome to the Club of women's sexy lingerie fans. We like to wear silky slips, satin panties, garter belts and vintage nylons or glamour stockings. We share lingerie photos, videos and stories here. Join us!

Déjà vu... an unexpected weekend

The Truth

We had been going out for about a year. Then one evening while kissing and caressing on the living room floor Helen suddenly produced a pair of her stockings. She didn't own many pairs, I know because I'd already been through her lingerie draws. She smiled down at me and pulled off my trousers as I lay on the carpet. Biting her bottom lip seductively she began to gather a stocking and slipped it on my leg. My heart was racing. Id had a fetish for lingerie since puberty. I was fascinated with silky lingerie and soft feminine fabrics.

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I am lingerie addicted

I am lingerie addicted

About Me - I am lingerie addicted ...., 

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My first taste of satin

My first taste of satin I believe it started when my mother had on a stain feel nightdress, as a child I was seen in our back garden holding it while it was on the washing line drying after washing, I would have my thumb in my mouth and at the same time rub it against my face, this I am sure was a comforter of sorts. But let's skip a good few years to an age of sixteen ,my mother and father had gone on holiday and leaving me all alone, I of course by then had started playing with myself and on the occasion found myself looking at mums undies "as you would" so finding some sexy items put them on, French knickers full slip and immediately I had a quite a large stiff on so it would have been rude not to make good use of it, rubbing the satin against my cock slowly at first and caressing my engorged shaft when suddenly the door bell rang out it was a girl I had forgotten was calling to see me ,so I quickly put on my own dressing gown to go answer the door trying not to look to not to flushed in the face and trying to hide my man hood ,I opened the door there she was she invited herself in where I was going to come out with some feeble excuse that I was not feeling too well but that went out of my mind when she launched herself at me kissing me,Â

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the art of lingerie and transformation from an average male to an goddess and seductress

I recently succumb to the art of lingerie and transformation from an average male to an goddess and seductresscladded in an range of gorgeous lingerie that allured me so beautiful and I love the attraction of it and it go to showeven me can be transformed into a beautiful seductress and possessed inlingerie wit fabulous makeup and long wigs and this is my calling and found the place where I belong as one of you girls of seduction and possession and this is our right and an union and we all are beautiful in our seductressforms.FRANKIE SMALESSEDUCTRESS IN TRAINING.