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Welcome to the Club of women's sexy lingerie fans. We like to wear silky slips, satin panties, garter belts and vintage nylons or glamour stockings. We share lingerie photos, videos and stories here. Join us!

Fanatastic Evening

​A good friend called me to ask if he could visit me yesterday, and as I had nothing else planned it seemed like a good idea! Whilst arranging what time he should arrive he casually asked if it was okay if he brought a friend? Was I excited or what? Having agreed a time I set about getting ready.

When I know it is going to be a sexy time, I just put on a black satin bra, satin suspender belt with black stockings, a pair of sling back high heels and a touch of make-up with eyeshadow and mascara and a heavy coat  of lipstick!

Per and his friend arrived a few minutes early, but I was ready. Per immediately kissed me full on the lips, his tongue forcing its way into my mouth for a very deep french kiss, his hands caressing my bare bottom! Stopping to introduce his friend as Claus, I led them into my lounge where Per pulled my down next to him. I started caressing the bulge in his jeans, God  he felt so hard and big! I fumbled to undo his zipper to release his cock. Taking it in my left hand I rubbed it up and down the shaft, finally to pull back his foreskin to reveal his knob, glistening with pre-cum. As I lowered my head to taste the juices on his glans, I was conscious of Claus watching us intently, he had exposed his own cock and was slowly rubbing his own shaft,his cock growing bigger and harder. Per put his hand on the back of my head, pushing me down onto his cock. It tasted so good! The salty sweet taste of his juices just made me more aroused and I eagerly took all of his cock into my mouth to leave a lovely ring of lipstick around the base of  his cock! I don't know how long I spent sucking on Per's cock, licking and kissing his shaft, kissing and sucking on his balls, but I was in heaven!

Per said that it was time that I paid some attention to Claus, so I let Pers lovely cock slip from my lips and went and knelt in front of Claus, who had removed his jeans and pants by now and his cock was big and hard ready for my lips and mouth Sucking cock is definately one of my favourite things, and Claus's cock certainly  was worthy of my attention! I took great delight in managing to put a ring around the base of his cock, despite the fact I could sense that he was somewhat longer than Per, although maybe not as thick! My head was going up and down like one of those oil-well pumps you see in pictures and films of oil fields. and Claus's pre-cum was as delicious as Per's!

What made me this way
My First Client!

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