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My First Client!

 My First Client!

The doorbell rang, a few minutes earlier than I had expected, but I was ready for my client, Dressed in a black satin corset with eight suspenders holding up my black nylon stockings. A black satin bra, holding my large, heavy breasts, with matching satin knickers. A short black mini-skirt displayed my slim legs to perfection when worn with my patent high-heel shoes and a black chiffon see-through blouse completed my outfit. Very slutty! My heavy make-up, and red lips with long blonde hair completed my look of "whore" for this appointment.

I opened the door to a man of about 45, dressed casually with a look of delight on his face as he gazed upon me. "Very nice!" he said.

I motioned to him to come in. He held out his hand, and passed me some money, I quickly checked that it was the agreed amount and put it in my bra. As agreed, I pulled him into an embrace and let my right hand fall to his crotch, feeling his thickening cock beneath the material of his pants. God! He had not been bragging when he had explained he was "big", his cock felt huge!

I sank to my knees and deftly opened his fly and his belt. His cock was really straining in his underpants as I caressed his shaft through the cotton pants. His cock was already starting to peek out of the waist band of his pants. I pulled his pants and trousers down to his knees, exposing his beautiful rampant cock! Grasping it with both hands I slowly rubbed it up and down its length, feeling him getting even harder and longer! I was delighted to see that he had shaved his cock and balls in preparation for my mouth, I eased his foreskin back, exposing his cock head glistening with his pre-cum. I stuck my tongue out to taste the glistening drops at the tip of his cock. Parting my red lips I slowly took his glans into my mouth, so warm and so smooth. I was astonished that I could barely open my mouth wide enough for him to push his cock deeper into my mouth, and when his knob was at the back of my throat, he had less than a half of his cock in between my lips!

"Suck it, Bitch!" he commanded as he thrust hard, fucking my mouth, I was gagging with every thrust as he forced his cock deeper into my throat, only by keeping a hand holding his cock stopped him from making me choke.

He pulled me up, and tuned me to lean against the wall. I felt his hands go up under my skirt and grasping my knickers he pulled them down to my stocking tops! Parting my ass cheeks, I felt his hard cock pressing against my hole, my muscles relaxing as he pushed into me, deeper than anything had ever penetrated me before! I gasped as his cock filled me, he held himself in me as my body became acclimatised to having this massive cock deep inside me!

Slowly, gently he began to thrust in and out of my tight hole, the pain intense but the thrill and pleasure of being fucked started to excite and please me, an sensation of pure ecstasy rippled through me every time he thrust his cock into me. It felt so fucking GOOD! My body soon got used to his thrusting, deeper and harder, I was close to fainting when I felt his body stiffen, and with a deep groan he ejaculated deep inside me! As he slipped out of me he spun me around and pushed me to my knees again to take his wet slippery cock into my mouth to suck him clean, the taste of his spunk mixed with the lube inside me and the taste of my own hole! He picked up my largest butt-plug, and forced it into me to hold his spunk inside me.

He started to remove my blouse and skirt, as he wanted to see me in my lingerie. We sat together on the sofa for a cigarette, sharing a bottle of white Chablis, he insisted that I caress his cock and heavy balls all the time whilst he regained his erection. I told him that I had some difficulty in getting all of his cock in me, and he said that every lover, male or female had had the same problem, he had never had his cock in anyone all the way to his balls! He did comment on the fact that he could feel me having orgasms as he thrust his cock in me as my body gripped his cock as it filled me!

His cock never went completely soft and with my stroking he was soon hard again. He directed me to kneel before him and take his cock in my mouth again. Sucking his knob, kissing and sucking his shaft and smooth balls until he was ready for me to mount his cock I removed the butt-plug and kneeling astride him, I guided his cock into my wet hole lubricated with his spunk and sunk down on it as it invaded my body yet again, He let me control the rythym as I rose up and down, riding his gorgeous cock! God! I felt so wanton, so used, so wonderful with his cock deep inside me. I don't know how long I rode him, feeling his cock pleasuring my slutty hole, he began to match my rythym, thrusting up to meet me pushing down on him, harder and faster he groaned as he shot his spunk deep inside me yet again! He sealed my hole with the butt-plug again as I raised myself up off of his cock.

He told me he needed to piss, and I led him to the bathroom. He sat me on the toilet, and holding his cock his warm piss shot from the eye of his cock, he directed the flow over my body gradually working the flow up to my face and into my open mouth. "Drink it, Slut!" he commanded and I let my mouth fill with his warm piss before swallowing. He stopped pissing, and instructed me to kneel on the toilet seat, my ass towards him, he removed the butt-plug and quickly shoved his cock deep in my gaping hole and I could feel his piss gushing into me filling my belly. When he was finished, he withdrew from my hole, I tried to keep all his piss and spunk in me, but as I stood up it all gushed out of my gaping fuck hole soaking my stockinged legs.

" You're a fucking dirty whore, What are you?"

" I am a fucking dirty whore, Sir!" I replied, and I loved being one!

We then took a shower together, he stripping my piss soaked bra, panties, suspender belt and stockings from my body, we pleasured each other as we soaped each others body, our hands caressing every inch of each other.

I had agreed that he could stay the night and I readied myself for bed, applying new make-up and putting on a clean black bra and panties and my short black chiffon baby-doll nightdress, and lubricating my fuck-hole!

We sat together on the sofa, taking a nightcap before retiring. I could not resist stroking his naked body and caressing his big cock, thickening yet again under my touch. I led him to my bed, and we lay together kissing and cuddling. I loved feeling his body next to me, his stiff cock pressing against my bottom as we spooned.

He asked me to put on my strap-on, and fuck him! I soon strapped it on, and he chose a large black rubber dildo to be used. He lay on his stomach and I applied a large blob of jelly to his anus, gradually working two fingers into him. He moaned with pleasure as I used three and then four fingers inside him, he pushing back onto my hand as I pushed my whole hand into him, his asshole stretching easily as I fisted his hole, my hand deep inside him! I spent several minutes working his ass until I knew he was ready, he took up kneeling and I positioned myself behind him, his gaping hole more than ready for my monster "cock"! I placed the tip against his open hole and gently eased the dildo into him. He gasped, arching his back as the full length of it disappeared into him. I held it deep in him until he was used to the size of it, relaxing as he did so. I began to slowly withdraw until there was just about an inch still inside him and then pushed deep in him again. I slowly began to build up a rythym, by big "cock" filling him with every stroke, He soon responded by thrusting back onto the dildo in time with my thrusting into him, "Fuck me, Mistress!" he begged! He took a cock and a fucking nearly as well as myself, he was soon asking me to fuck him harder and deeper! His body shook and trembled as his own anal orgasm rushed through his body, we collapsed, me lying on top of him, my "cock" still deep in his ass!

We lay together after I had removed my "cock" from his ass and taken off the strap-on. Within thirty minutes I could feel his cock against my back, so I reached around to stroke it, feeling it harden and grow in my hand. I switched to laying on my back and he knelt over me, his cock on my chest, I lifted my head to take him in my mouth, to lick his gorgeous knob and suck it between my lips. Lifting my legs he positioned himself, my ankles on his shoulders, he pulled my knickers asisde, his cock pressing against my fuck-hole, he pushed deep into me! This time he really took control, shoving his huge hard cock deep into me and withdrawing, he plunged in and out of me. Every thrust stretched my ass, but the pain was nothing compared to the sheer pleasure of his cock fucking my sissy cunt! He rode me so hard and fast I was in ecstacy as I had one anal orgasm after another with each thrust of his cock. I don't know how long he fucked me, but I didn't want him to stop, I was in heaven! I lost count of the orgasms I had, and then his body stiffened as he ejaculated deep inside me! Withdrawing his cock he pulled me up to take his cock deep in my mouth, I savoured the flavour of his spunk, mixed with the taste of the lubrication jelly and my own body, I sucked and licked him clean. As we lay to sleep, I could feel his spunk slowly seeping from my sissy cunt, Gorgeous!

I know some will be horrified at having sex without protection, but I love the taste of sperm, and adore feeling a cock cumming deep inside me, and feeling it leak out afterwards!

I awoke the next morning feeling his hands caressing my body through my soft chiffon nightdress, pulling my panties aside again, his cock pressing against my ass as he pushed to enter me. My body relaxed and welcomed his cock to fill me again. He was very eager and urgent as he fucked me hard and fast again, he soon shot his spunk deep in me! Beautiful way to wake up!

I made us coffee before he left, I could feel his spunk soaking my knickers as I moved about my apartment!

Fanatastic Evening
Sister's father in law

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