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What made me this way

 First Time

Back in the mid1970's when I was in my early 20's; I had been sent to do a job in Bristol (UK)

It was early summer and I was to travel down on the Monday, returning home later in the week..

I lived about 120 miles from Bristol so it was an easy trip down on the morning, find the hotel I was booked into, and then find where the workplace was I had to go to. This all happened seamlessly and I was all sorted by late afternoon and a nice meal in a local pub with a few beers saw me ready for my bed.

Next morning it was breakfast in the hotel and off to work. The job was a piece of cake, I had it sorted by lunch time and the managing director was really pleased, so much so that he took me out to lunch and asked if I could have a look at another job they had. No problem I said because my company had allocated at least two days maybe more and would be happy for the extra money from the other job.

So we went back to the factory by mid afternoon and I started sorting out the next job, this was going to take longer but I was sure it'd be done by the end of play the next day.

I left there around 5:30pm and made my way back to the hotel, when I arrived I was told by the receptionist that I had a message which she duly handed to me, back in my hotel room I opened the envelope and read the message, "call Jim B ASAP" it read. Jim was one of my oldest friends and so I called from the room to find out what was wrong, he was getting married that weekend and he informed me that the best man had been taken to hospital with appendicitis and wouldn't be fit for the wedding, would I stand in? "Oh OK" I said, luckily I'll be finished by Wed evening and therefore I'd be back home by Thurs evening at the latest so that gave me a day to prepare, no worries. I went to same pub as the night before, had a meal and went back and got my head down.

Next day I made sure I was at the factory early so as to get ahead. I knew I needed some new parts and by luck they just happened to have them as spares in their stores, so I got them changed quickly and had the machine working by early afternoon. Brilliant I thought, now I can get back to the hotel get washed and changed, pack my bag ready, and as I was to be seen centre stage at the wedding I supposed I should try and get a haircut to save me a job back home on Friday. Once sorted I asked the hotel receptionist where the nearest decent hair salon was, I didn't use barbers as I had long hair (as we did back then) and all they ever wanted to do was chop it all off saying it'll stop you looking like a nancy boy. "Oh she said, I always go to the one two doors along from the hotel, It's unisex so you'll be OK and they are really good". Her hair looked nice so I thought I'd give them a look.

Sure enough two doors down I found the shop and looked inside, it was empty and looked closed, I tried the door and it opened so I went in. An attractive looking lady in her mid thirties came out from the back room and asked if she could help, "I'm needing a quick trim" I said "are you still open?" "oh yes" she said, "Wednesday is always quiet so no problem"

She asked me to sit in one of the chairs and put the cape round me fastening it securely at my neck, "what do you fancy?" she said "just a trim please like I said" "that's a shame" she said, "with hair like yours I could really go to town if you'd trust me" I nervously asked what she had in mind, "Oh don't worry" she said, "I wont cut the length much other than trimming the stray ends, I was thinking about some loose curls to give it some bounce and lift but not enough to make you look girly, unless of course that appeals to you" "oh I'm not sure about that" I said, "I've always had dead straight hair so not sure it'd look right" "Oh it would" she said "and anyway if you didn't like the end result I can simply straighten it back for you, how does that sound?" Looking for a way to get out of this I said "well I'm away from home and I don't have a lot of money on me, plus don't you close soon, how long will I be here?"

"Don't worry about the time" she said I live upstairs and I'm doing nothing tonight so unless you have to be somewhere soon it'll only take about an hour and a half, and as for the cost I'll only charge you for a trim, what do you say?"

"Well OK" I said, "I've got nothing on this evening obviously so why not?" There was something about this lady that drew me in to her, she was tall for a girl but smaller than me, she didn't have large breasts but they looked ample enough under her blue shiny nylon overall, her hair was perfect of course, and her make up was pin sharp.

"I want to wash your hair first" she said "follow me into the other room where the basins are" I followed and noticed her shapely figure more, very nice I thought to myself as I saw the seamed stockings and point heels. I had always been aroused by seeing women in seams, if they were attached to a girdle even better for me.

Once I'd sat at the basin "Eve" as her name badge said, set about washing my hair, I found this very restful and her touch was rather nice, she was soon patting my head with a towel, and, staying in the back room she led me across to a chair at a workstation which was surrounded by big lilac drawers containing all sorts of strange things. After trimming my ends, she opened one of the drawers and started fetching out lots of rollers and things and then set about sectioning off my hair and "putting me up" as she called it. We chatted about lots of things whilst she was busy and I started feeling turned on slightly for some reason, her voice was deeper than most women I noticed, and quietly hypnotic in a sensual way. When she had finished putting in the rollers she led me back to the other room and sat me under a dryer, "I'll get you a coffee" she said and wondered off to another room. She promptly came back with coffee and biscuits and said "relax for the next 30 minutes, and we'll see how you turn out"

She sat reading a magazine whilst I cooked and it was then that I noticed that her overall had risen up slightly and I could see her stocking tops and could just make out what looked like a white slip, this had me on the rise and I started feeling uncomfortable because I needed to adjust my clothing but couldn't without making it obvious. I was really in a dilemma but thankfully the dryer stopped and Eve walked across to take me out. Once I could stand up things became a little more comfortable but I was still straining against the zip of my jeans and I was thankful the cape was covering me up. Eve took me back into the other room and set about taking out the rollers, as each one came out I saw big curls and started to think this might have been a mistake, this must have shown on my face because Eve smiled and put her hands on my shoulders and said "don't worry, they wont look like that when I've finished, trust me" She looked at the time and said "I'm locking the door because its closing time, and anyway, we don't want to be disturbed do we?" Wow I thought, things could be looking up here, she came back after locking up and carried on taken the rest of the rollers out, when she had done I looked in the mirror and thought "what a mass of curls, I hope she sorts them out or else" Eve laughed now and said "you look like a little sissy but I'm sure your not, lets see, and with that she whipped back the cape to see my straining bulge "oh we have a live one here" she said "can I see?" I could only nod and she slowly released my cock. "Oh boy" she said and started pulling my jeans and pants down to my knees, next thing she was gently gripping me and pulling the foreskin back, with a great gush of air she kneeled in front of me and I was in and out of her mouth like a piston. I couldn't hold back, I just erupted and gushed down the front of her overall. "Oops" she said "I'll have to take this off, she unzipped it and let it fall to the floor and was standing in front of me like a vision of lust, she was wearing a white zip front corselette with eight suspenders, a white half slip, and white French knickers, I was in my element and didn't' know where to look first. She bent down and we started kissing, my hands were making a grab for anything I could fondle and then she drew back, " I have something to show you" she said and firstly unzipped her corselette and popped out her neat breasts, then she took my hand pulled it towards her crotch and dropped her slip and knickers, I went for it, straight in and under the open bottom corselette, but I was stunned when I grasped a semi erect cock, I just stopped dead, "are you OK" Eve said, "sorry I thought you had guessed" "no, no I stuttered, I didn't know, but now I do I want to know more".

I knew there was something about this lady but had failed to realise till then. She poured us both a brandy from somewhere and we sat looking at each other as we drank, "please finish my hair" I said and lets see where we go from there. Where we went from there was to the moon and back, I have never since experienced a girl like Eve, we did meet up a few times over the next few years but she moved to Spain and I lost touch. I knew I had always like lingerie, this lady made me realise I liked crossdressing, crossdressers, and all the fun that goes with it.

Fanatastic Evening

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