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Jenny Knickers Discussion started by Jenny Knickers, on Wednesday, 05 August 2015 23:08
My wife being away for a few days I found myself looking after her mother.
She wasn’t an invalid but just needed a bit of help.
I cooked dinner for us and we had a couple of glasses of wine whilst watching TV.
A bit later she said that she would go to bed and would I mind giving her a hand.
Glad to help I followed her into her bedroom and pulled down the top covers of her double bed.
With her back to me my mother in law asked if I would unzip her dress for her.
I took the tab and slowly pulled the zip down to the middle of her buttocks and she shrugged out of it as it slid to the floor.
I picked it up for her and threw it over a chair as she turned around to face me.
Would you be an angel and help me out of my slip, she asked.
I felt a bit awkward about this but took the silky straps from her shoulders and let them slide down her arms.
The front came away from her amply filled lacy bra and she put her hands on my shoulders as the nylon material glided over her hips and pooled around her feet.
As I picked it up she still held on to me dressed only in her bra and knickers.
With trembling fingers I reached round and unfastened her bra.
She clutched it to her bosom while I grasped the waist band of her frilly nylon knickers and pulled them down.
My face was then close to a still dark down of fur around her pubic mound which I tried hard not to stare at.
I then put the rest of her underwear to one side and as she raised her arms I dropped a transparent nylon night gown over her head.
She smoothed it down over her hips and said, thank you darling, I know that can’t have been easy for you.
I said that it was no problem and I was glad to be of service.
She kissed me on the cheek and got between the sheets.
I said that I would make up a bed on the couch in the next room to be close by but she said not to be daft.
The bed was big enough for both of us and she joked that she would not tell anybody that I had slept with my mother in law.
Not having any pyjamas I stripped down to my vest and pants as she turned off the lamp and I slid in beside her...........