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Jenny Knickers Discussion started by Jenny Knickers, on Thursday, 15 June 2017 20:13
My mother-in-law likes to dress me up in her underwear. Ever since she found me, one day, in her bedroom, wearing her bra and pants, she has hinted that we need to keep the discovery to ourselves. At the time, she walked over to me and told me it was OK, and that she wouldn’t tell anybody. She put her hand around my neck and said I looked really sexy, and pressed her body up close to mine, giving me a soft kiss on the lips. I was blushing but she stroked my hair and cuddled me. Then she said that she needed to take a shower and maybe I could help her. She said she would run the water and to keep her clothes on. She returned in less than a minute, turned her back to me, and asked me to unzip her dress. This I did and it made a shushing sound as it slid down her silky slip to the floor. She leant back into me and I took her straps off her shoulders to let the slip join the dress. She took my hands and placed them over her bra-clad breasts, moaning softly as I caressed their silkiness. Then she took my hand and led me into the large shower cubicle. We were both now wearing a set each of her silky bra and pants sets, and the water cascading upon us made them transparent. I could see her rigid nipples standing out against the nylon of her bra and mine were making a similar show in her other bra. Through the steam I could make out her mound of pussy through her wet knickers and the out line of my erection through my knickers, throbbing slightly as it touched mum’s belly. Margaret reached down and cupped my penis, her hand sliding up and down it’s length. I pulled her knickers down her thighs and touched her fur, inserting a finger into her fanny. Meanwhile mum released my penis from her knickers and eased it gently past my finger and it entered her. I kissed her on the lips and inserted my tongue into her moist mouth, finding her tongue, as she fed my penis further and further inside her. My pubic hair met hers in a wet tangle as we pushed our mounds together and I could feel both our juices rising. We erupted together and filled each other with our love juice, while we clutched each other tightly. The pulsations seemed to go on for ever but slowly ebbed as we kissed passionately, my penis still deep inside my mother-in-law. God that was wonderful, mum whispered in my ear. Oh wow yes I agreed. I love you Paul, she said. I love you Margaret, I whispered back. We then soaped each other clean, changed our lingerie for soft silky night gowns and went to bed to sleep in each other’s arms……………….!!

Berta Sadly never really knew my MIL but doubt anything as wonderful as this would've happened if I did. Have done the shower sex thing a few times with us both wearing long satin nightgowns. It is really something to be screwing like crazy while wet satin is... Show more Friday, 15 September 2017 06:20