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Jenny Knickers Discussion started by Jenny Knickers, on Friday, 08 April 2016 23:11
I was staying in my mother-in-law, Margaret 's spare room whilst I was doing some work for her.

I'd finished for the day and was just getting changed.

I had taken off my shirt and was just in my shorts when Margaret came in.

Hi Paul, she said, hope I'm not disturbing you.

Of course not, mum, I said, what can I do for you?

Then she came out with a bombshell.

She said, Paul, do you know that I've known you for quite some time but I've never once seen your winkle.

I choked and said, no I don't suppose you have, mum.

Would it be too naughty of me, Paul if I asked to have a look at it?

Well no, mum, but your request is a bit of a shock.

I'm sorry if I shock you but I haven't seen one for so long.

Well it's not much to look at, Margaret, it's very tiny.

That's alright, Paul, it's not really about the size.

OK then, I said, and dropped my shorts.

Oh Wow, she said, it's beautiful, may I touch it, Paul.

If you want to, mum, I said.
She came over with her hand out and I felt a tingling in my loins.

She laid my winkle in her palm and stroked it gently with the other hand.

It's lovely and warm and the skin is so soft, she said.

I'm glad you like it, mum, I said.

It seems to be growing, Paul, she said.

Are you surprised, mum?

It's lovely of you to let me feel it like this, Paul.

No problem, it feels really good what you're doing.
She then gripped my penis with one hand and held my testicles in the other, gently squeezing them.

How does that feel, Paul, she said?

Amazing, mum, I said.

Do you think if I worked at it I could get it to squirt some sperm?

I think there's every chance, I said.
She held my balls tighter and pulled back my foreskin, working it up and down in a very business-like manner.

My legs were turning to jelly and my member was starting to throb.

Suddenly I felt a release of pressure as my spunk jetted out of the end of my knob.

It coated mum's hands and spurted onto her dress in gush after gush.

She kept on pumping my penis until no more came out and it started shrinking in her hand.

She kept hold of my now shrivelled winkle and seemed to have drifted to another place as she sat down on my bed.

I slid down beside her, her hand still holding my winkle.
I hope that was good for you Paul, she said, I adored it and feel even closer to you now, can I do anything else for you?

I'd love to see your breasts, mum, I said.

That seems fair Paul, she said, could you undo me, my darling?
She stood and faced away from me and I lowered the zip of her dress, very slowly.

Strangely, my penis started to grow again.

There was a shush of silk as her dress slid down over her nylon slip.

Her dress pooled around her feet and I stood, pressing my penis against her silky slip.

My hands reached round and cupped her silky, lacy breasts through her under garments.

I slid the straps of her slip from her shoulders and let it follow her dress to the floor.

With one arm around her breasts in their brassiere, I unclipped it from behind and let both hands steal into the cups and massaged them.

Mum let out a sigh and leant back into me, her lips brushed mine.

My hands slithered down her body and into the waist of her silky knickers.

Lower and I stroked the soft down covering her mound, and let my fingers explore her warm, moist vagina.

She cried out in ecstasy as I turned her and laid her on the bed, and slid my now, rock hard penis into her.

It went in and in and found the entrance to her womb before filling her with a niagaral gush of our mingled juices.
We slept then in fond embrace, ever more to be companions in love and sex.

We had found each other.

Christina Nice story. Sitting reading it in my nightdress and can feel a moist patch forming in my panties. Christina xx Saturday, 09 April 2016 05:37