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Jenny Knickers Discussion started by Jenny Knickers, on Friday, 08 April 2016 23:16
Meg, my mother-in-law said that her back and shoulders really ached, so I said I would give them a rub for her.

She sat on a chair with me standing behind and unbuttoned her blouse, dropping it from her shoulders.

I had never seen her in her bra before, and was surprised to find it a bit of a turn on.

I warmed my hands and started massaging her neck, and worked down into her shoulders, my fingers sliding under her bra straps.

Meg sighed and leant back into it, as my hands kneaded her shoulder blades and under her arms.

Without realising it my fingers were touching the underside of her breasts.

Meg made no complaint, so I became bolder.

Before I knew what was happening I found myself gently feeling her tits through her silky bra.

"Oooh, that's lovely", said my mother-in-law, so with one hand I undid her brassiere, whilst maintaining the motion with my other hand.

The bra fell away and I was fondling Meg's bare bosoms and playing with her, now erect, nipples.

I suddenly felt strange and paused but Meg said, "Paul please don't stop, nobody has touched me like that in years, and it does feel so good".

I moved round in front of her, knelt, and gently sucked her nipples in turn.

She positively squealed with pleasure, and with my hands I undid the sash at the front of her skirt and lowered it over her knees, revealing silky, lacy knickers.

I ran my hands over them and slid my fingers into the waist line to feel the soft fur beneath, then pulled these also down over her knees, and dropped them to the floor.

Meg wriggled and purred as I felt between her legs and inserted my fingers in her warm, wet vagina, and I felt her shudder.

I stood up and dropped my trousers and pants to the floor.

Meg cupped my testicles with one hand and my penis with the other, and slowly wanked me.

I lowered myself once more and let my mother-in-law feed my stiff penis into her vagina.

It kept going in until it pressed up under her pelvic bone, and then we pumped each other without my penis losing any purchase on Meg's pussy.

We both lurched and clutched at each other and my penis exploded hot sperm deep inside my mother-in-law's vitals.

We held on tight as wave after wave of orgasms passed through us, then relaxed and smiled at each other.

"Hello mum", I said.

"Hi son", she returned, "god you really know how to fuck your mother-in-law, that felt wonderful my darling, please kiss me".