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Lingerie community for all who loves women's sexy lingerie. We like to wear silky slips, satin panties, garter belts and nylons. We share sexy lingerie photos and videos. If lingerie fetish is your one of favourite subjects join us ;)
We have Women in Lingerie community for fans of women in sexy lingerie , Men In Lingerie Community for fetish of mens wearing lingerie, Shemale In Lingerie community for whose who love watching shemale wearaing sexy lingerie and more lingerie communites.

Yes, I couldn't agree more about the thrill and excitement of risking being caught in women's lingerie! This has been a huge part of my dynamic ever since I was first sneaking Mom's panties from her drawer at 6. Any time I was outside with women's...

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Cross-dresser in nylons get fucked by Jane

Nothing beats the exquisite feeling of satin! Sadly for a BIG gurl, like me, such lovely items are getting difficult to find in BIG gurl plus sizes!! :-( We've had a cold winter here this season so along with my satin panties I wear a plain satin...

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